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The Erasmus+ project "DIgital Literature Educational Competences for Teachers: Intercultural iNclusive Good-practices for Second-language learning" aims to promote and scale-up Digital Literature Literacy (DLL) and Literature Digital Reading (LDR) Skills in European schools through achievement, assessment and exchange of specific digital competences in both educators and students. The project will implement sustainable infrastructure, resources and guidelines for the enhancement of DLL and LDR Skills in European schools. It will enhance DLL and LDR by improving ICT Skills, along with reading, language and culture competences in both teachers and pupils at the primary and lower-secondary level, possibly to smooth the passage from the Primary to the Secondary cycle of education. Key innovations in DILECTINGS are: - Online, Open & Flexible Education approach to promoting the achievement, assessment and exchange of DLL and LDR Skills - Innovative pedagogies for achievement of DLL and LDR Skills: online modules and tools - Innovative approaches/technologies for assessment and use of DLL and LDR Skills with links to competency frameworks - Engaging and effective learner experience in a Personal Learning Environment.

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